I’m not there yet, but I might be ready to stop judging people who put their kids on a leash.

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Just realized that in encouraging my son while he’s doing #2 on the potty, I sound exactly like my OB did when I gave birth.

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Honeydew: so hit or miss.

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Does it drive anyone else crazy to be in line and hear, “Following guest?” instead of the good old-fashioned, non-euphemistic, “Next!”?

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At Carnegie Hall for Neil Gaiman and get to see magic power couple Nell Benjamin and Larry O’Keefe too!!

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Mmmmmm…nothing like a nice hot cup of galactagogue on a summer’s day.

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Two nuns on rollerblades lapped me on my first post-partum run in Central Park = holy roller awesomeness!!

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The cleaning lady is judging me.

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Mmmmmmm. I hope it’s made with real Italian men.

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